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Double ply websling 2T GREEN

Webbing Slings

We manufacture all kind of single ply webbing slings to our customers request. According to customer special needs we produce various types of slings with extra heavy duty abrasion resistant  protection.

Every Sling is provided with individual certificates.

There are variety of webbing slings that our clients can choose from:

  • Single Ply Webbing Slings
  • 2 – Layer Webbing Slings
  • 4 – Layer Webbing Slings
  • Wide Body Slings
  • Endless Webbing Slings and One Way Webbing Slings
  • Webbing Slings with Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistance


Webbing Slings can be used to lift heavy loads and mostly they are used for lifting boats and cargo. Each webbing sling have different material, lifting capacity and webbing.

2 – Layer Webbing Slings can be used in all three hitches – Vertical, Choker, and Basket. In additional to the color, the number of black lines on these slings indicates its SWL/WLL.

 4 – Layer Webbing Slings are used when max, WLL is required at certain width.

Wide Body Slings are constructed of an Endless Sling sewn side to side. They produce an extra wide sling that gives excellent load distribution and balance. Slings are used for load stability and for proper handling of fragile or finished surfaces.

Endless Webbing Slings and One Way Webbing Slings are one of the most versatile and widely used slings, they can be used in all three types of hitches. Sling life is prolonged because of rotation of the wear surfaces.