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Tubular round sling 10T ORANGE


All of our roundslings have GS mark. It indicates that the equipment meets German and, if available, European safety requirements for such devices.

GS mark ensure that your products meet the quality and safety requirements set forth in the German Product Safety Act.

There are variety of roundslings that our clients can choose from:

  • Tubular Roundslings (single cover)
  • Tubular Roundslings (double cover)
  • Large Capacity Roundslings (side seam)
  • Black Cover Roundslings (for staging industry)
  • Roundslings With Wire Rope Core
  • Roundslings With Elastic Cover (compact stretch type)
  • Eye Roundslings
  • Roundslings With Side Seam


Roundslings can be used to connect the load and lifting devices. Each type of roundsling performs its duty differently, it depends on material, webbing, loading capacity and safety factor.

Our customers can choose the most appropriate type of roundslings for the work they want to use it for.

Tubular roundslings (single cover) have safety factor of 7:1. They are much more comfortable to handle and are convenient to store. The load-bearing high polyester yarn is well-protected by its webbing cover.

Tubular roundslings (double cover) gives more than 40% longer service life. They are more safer in order to protect the internal load bearing yarns from damage. Second wall gives an extra protection.

Large Capacity Roundslings (side seam) have a double wall proction sleeve, to provide extra protection to the sling. Special size round slings with very high capacity or extraordinary length are manufactured manually using our own twisted high tenacity polyester yarns.

Black Cover Roundslings (for staging industry) have super persistand black color which has perfect color fastness. They are treated the same way as the car seatbelt webbing to serve you really long time.

Roundslings With Wire Rope Core give an extra safety at work when there is a risk of contacting with hot surfaces. The sling has an inspection hole allowing to do the visual testings of the entire core.

Roundslings With Elastic Cover (compact stretch type) are easier to use, especially on smaller hooks. Another advantage- its stiffness, it makes it easier to manage the slinging of the cargo when it is needed to draw the sling through the smaller lifting points. Safety factor 7:1.

Eye Roundslings are ideal where abrasion to the sling body is a problem. A tough, abrasion resistant sleeve is sewn to the body forming a loop at each end.  They may be used in a vertical, choker or basket hitch.

Roundslings With Side Seam made by sewing the sleeving around the winded yarn. It makes the roundsling a bit stiffer and more compact and in some cases it is easier to manage the slinging. As it is made from sleeving, roundsling becomes heavy duty double wall when sewn.